IPL Orange Cap – The best batters in IPL 2023

The best batters in IPL 2023

As the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season approaches its climax, it is evident that successful run chases are crucial for the teams to secure their victory. Several world-class batters have showcased their stellar performances in successful run chases, demonstrating their ability to lead their team towards a glorious win. Their ability to perform under … Read more

IPL 2023: Ravi Shastri makes huge prediction about Shubman Gill, says he can break Virat Kohli’s record for most runs in a season

ravi shastri

Virat Kohli’s 973 runs in a season is a record unlikely to be surpassed in the Indian Premier League, although records are supposed to be broken. The former RCB captain accomplished the impossible in 16 matches during the 2016 edition. The average of Kohli’s runs was 81.08, and his strike rate was over 152. He … Read more

Shubman Gill’s humorous response to a fan’s Rs 20,000 premium seat experience goes viral in IPL 2023.

Every Indian’s blood and bones are saturated with a love of cricket. India’s population treats the game like a festival and rarely misses an opportunity to watch it. The 2023 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) just began in Ahmedabad with the opening game between Gujarat Titans (GT) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK). A … Read more