The Untold Story of Ajay Mandal: Working with MS Dhoni

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for realizing the dreams of aspiring cricketers, and for all-rounder Ajay Mandal, it became a life-changing experience. Despite not featuring in his first season with IPL, Mandal benefited greatly from the wisdom of some of cricket’s most illustrious stalwarts, with none other than the legendary MS Dhoni serving as his primary mentor. From humble beginnings to working with legends, let us read about the untold story of Ajay Mandal.

Mandal, a first-class cricket player with impressive stats, was amazed by Dhoni’s inspiring presence. He was inspired by the electrifying atmosphere even during routine net sessions, when people cheered for Dhoni, demonstrating their immense respect and admiration for him. Mandal highly valued Dhoni’s willingness to provide advice, which was crucial for his mental preparation and performance on a grand stage. Dhoni’s influence on Mandal’s growth as a cricketer is evident through his appreciation conveyed in an interview.

Transitioning from domestic cricket to the IPL can be daunting, and Mandal acknowledged feeling initially confused. However, learning from Dhoni about the mindset required to excel in the IPL proved invaluable. The IPL, being a different ball game altogether, demands a unique approach and mentality. Mandal expressed that his interactions with Dhoni have significantly contributed to his development as a cricketer and will undoubtedly shape his future success.

Additionally, Mandal recounted a heartwarming moment when Ravindra Jadeja gifted him the bat used to score the winning runs in the IPL final. A month before the grand finale, Mandal had expressed his desire to obtain a bat from Jadeja, who agreed. After the final, Jadeja called Mandal over, asking him to check the bat’s pick-up. Mandal held it, tested it, and affirmed its quality. To his delight, Jadeja then said, ” Theek hai, rakh le ise tu (Keep it then),” gifting him the bat that etched history in the tournament.

Ajay Mandal’s IPL journey with CSK, alongside MS Dhoni and receiving Ravindra Jadeja’s bat, left an indelible mark. Dhoni’s guidance and Jadeja’s gift shaped his career. The experience gained sets him on a path to success, leaving a lasting impression on the young all-rounder’s cricketing journey.

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