Ben Stokes Reflects on His Battles with Ashwin : It’s just one of those things

Ben Stokes Reflects on His Battles with Ashwin. Stuart Broad’s performance against David Warner, according to England Test captain Ben Stokes, was a major factor in the decision to choose him for the first Ashes match.

Warner was dismissed by Broad seven times in 10 innings during the 2019 season, giving him an average of under 10 for the series. This was a key factor in Broad’s selection. Stokes stated that he would be dishonest if he dismissed the influence of Broad’s performance against Warner.

Stokes also hailed Broad’s impressive record, comparing it to his victories over Ravichandran Ashwin of India.

According to Stokes, it’s simply one of those things, like Ashwin is against him. Further, Stokes added that Broad has long been a phenomenal performer.

What the Ashes offer, according to Stokes, makes it extremely difficult to overlook someone like that. Robinson has been outstanding over the past year in all circumstances, he said, and it is very difficult to overlook Jimmy and Ollie Robinson as well. Stokes went on to say that he is quite pleased with the squad that they ultimately chose.

Warner, who showed some form during the World Test Championship (WTC) final when he scored 43 runs in the first innings, is keen to play Broad with more aggression than they did in their first meeting four years ago.

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