IPL Orange Cap – The best batters in IPL 2023

As the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season approaches its climax, it is evident that successful run chases are crucial for the teams to secure their victory. Several world-class batters have showcased their stellar performances in successful run chases, demonstrating their ability to lead their team towards a glorious win. Their ability to perform under pressure and dominate the bowlers makes them stand out as some of the best players in T20 cricket.

Chasing runs in IPL is a complex task that requires immense skill and talent. It involves not only batting technique but also strategic planning. A successful run chase requires batters to be mindful of their shot selection, manage the run rate, and maintain composure under pressure. It takes consistent practice and mental discipline to develop these skills at a professional level. 

The list below shows the best batters in IPL 2023 in successful chases:

Shubman GillGT6333104*66.6012151.36
Suryakumar YadavMI62728354.4003198.54
Ishan KishanMI62487541.3302167.57
Cameron GreenMI6187100*93.5010183.33
Virat KohliRCB2182100182.0011162.50
Vijay ShankarGT41605353.3302155.34

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