Sussex Head Coach announced to use of Jofra Archer’s spells after the IPL 2023 in the first Ashes Test in June 2023

Mumbai Indian’s fast bowler, Jofra Archer, will meet the ground of Edgbaston with a red ball for the first time after IPL 2023 session. The 27-year-old spell master has signed a contract to play for Mumbai, culminating within May 2023 if Mumbai reaches the final.

The Sussex head coach Paul Farbrace is optimistic about the performance of Jofra in international and league crickets. Moreover, his IPL performance over the last couple of years makes the coach hopeful of dealing with the red ball. “I think all things being equal, he will go straight into the Ashes off the back of the IPL,” said Paul.

It’s the first time Queens Land, England, will face the Australian team in the Ashes test in Edgbaston starting June 16. Therefore, the England team is retaining the hope from the young chap of the team seeing his 42 taken wickets in 13 tests for England. However, Jofra played the last drastic match against Kent for Sussex in May 2021.

The IPL 2023 is like a preliminary test for Jofra to fix his name in the first XI for the Ashes Test. Most people have recommended Jofra and suggest him play at least two four-day matches before participating in the Ashes test.

However, the optimist head coach of Sussex replied, “That’s the nature of international franchise cricket these days. I know there’ll be a lot of people saying, ‘he should play at least two four-day games to be ready for a Test match’, but the preparation and the work that the medical teams do around these players is exceptional.” Now time will say how the 27-year-old chap will satisfy Paul with his magnificent spell. Therefore, watching IPL 2023 to witness Jofra Archer’s spells is high time.

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