IPL 2023: Board issues NEW regulations! Everything that has changed, from impact players to penalty runs, is listed here.

There are only nine days till the start of the 16th season of the IPL starting date, and the board has already made some substantial changes to the rules.

There are now some IPL 2023 new rules that teams must abide by during the competition in addition to the impact player restriction that was previously established. In this article, we will discuss about IPL Breaking News of BCCI New rules for IPL 2023

IPL 2023 Impact player rule

In team sports like football, substitutions are similar to the Impact Player Rule.

The teams are required to choose four substitutes before the game and are only permitted to deploy one if necessary.

The batting side may insert the Impact Player at any point during the innings, including the start, following the fall of a wicket, or upon the retirement of a batter.

However, if a bowler is replaced in the middle of an over because they were dismissed or had to retire hurt, they will not be able to continue bowling that over.

If the impact player is a bowler, they will have the same opportunity to bowl the full four overs as any other bowler.

The four substitutes for each team will primarily be Indian players unless the teams decide to start with fewer foreign players.

There can only be a total of four foreign players on the field for each squad.

IPL 2023 will also include additional new regulations

  • The teams will announce them starting at 11 after the coin toss.
  • There will be a dead ball and 5 penalty runs if the wicketkeeper or fielders act unfairly.
  • Four fielders are permitted outside the 30-yard circle if an overtakes too long to finish.

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