3 Reasons Why MS Dhoni Should Retire After IPL 2023

The sixteenth iteration of the lucrative Indian Premier League is not too far away now, and the anticipation that surrounds it cannot be contained any longer.

Because they would not be able to watch their cherished “Thala” play for the rest of the year, fans of MS Dhoni and the Chennai Super Kings are experiencing a degree of enthusiasm that is on an entirely new scale.

The previous season was a challenging one for the Chennai Super Kings, as it was only the second time in their illustrious history that they did not qualify for the playoffs. Fans of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will hold out hope that the players wearing yellow will have a more successful outing this time around, and they will look to Dhoni to guide the team in the right path.

 On the other hand, similar to how things have been going for the past few years, there has been a great deal of speculation as to whether or not this will be Dhoni’s last season of playing. MS Dhoni should hang up his boots at the conclusion of the Indian Premier League in 2023 for the following three reasons:

An opportunity to conclude things in Chennai:

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MS Dhoni has stated in the public sphere that he would like to play his final Twenty20 match at Chennai, however because to the scheduling conflicts caused by Covid-19, this won’t be possible from 2020-22.

In order to reduce the likelihood that teams might be negatively impacted by Covid-19, the BCCI held the Indian Premier League tournament outside of India for three consecutive years. While the Indian Premier League will once again follow its customary home-away structure.

The Chennai Super Kings will have the opportunity to play a significant number of games at the M. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. As a result, Dhoni does possess the ideal possibility to retire from the Indian Premier League after competing in a game in Chennai.

Has not been performing particularly well as of late:

ms dhoni ipl 2023
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During the year 2020, MS Dhoni has played for the Chennai Super Kings in a total of 44 games, during which he has accumulated a total of 546 runs. He has scored a total of fifty goals over the course of the past three seasons, and his strike rate is not particularly impressive.

 It is very evident that “captain cool” is no longer racking up the runs, and the prevalent opinion is that the only reason he is still on the team is due to the exceptional leadership abilities he possesses.

Fans of CSK and the team will be rooting for Dhoni to have a successful season at the plate and leave the game on a high note.

Auction value:

The contract that MS Dhoni has with Chennai Super Kings for the Indian Premier League is worth a staggering Rs. 15 Cr. It is accurate to state that Dhoni’s results over the past few years have not been commensurate with the amount of money he makes.

The departure of Dhoni from CSK at the conclusion of the Indian Premier League in 2023 would result in a significant savings for the franchise’s coffers.

As time goes on, this will make it easier for CSK to invest in one or possibly more players who will eventually become the faces of the franchise.

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