Tim David makes a significant hattrick of sixes in final over against RR

Tim David makes a significant hattrick of sixes in final over against RR. David made sure that a thrilling night of play on Sunday at the Wankhede Stadium culminated in a flurry of activity. In their 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) matchup, the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals did a commendable job of chasing down a 213-run goal. They had to score 15 runs in the last over, which was delivered by Jason Holder, for them to win. Despite being on strike, David managed to hit the first three balls of the over for sixes each, assisting MI in crossing the finish line. The IPL’s highest-ever successful chase took place at Wankhede Stadium.

Kieron Pollard abandoned the finishing position for MI, and David has been largely regarded as the player who would take his place. Prior to the club’s victory on Sunday, he had mostly average hitting results, and he said after the game that it felt nice to help the team win.

David was heard telling Tilak Sharma that he has been sitting and observing him and Suryakumar Yadav smacking the ball around this season. Even if it wasn’t his most fluent innings, Varma, who has been MI’s top player for much of the season, completed the game undefeated with David. For the fifth wicket, the two batted together and put up 62 runs in just 23 balls.

David also made light of the fact that it’s wonderful to give skipper Rohit Sharma, who turned 35 on Sunday, a reason to be joyful, given that he hadn’t been able to bat regularly before the victory against Rajasthan Royal. Tim wished his captain Rohit and said that he has been suffering from poor performances of Mumbai India teammates; therefore, tonight they have something to rejoice about for him.

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