IPL Playoffs: CSK is nearly assured to be in the top four even after losing to KKR

Despite losing their most recent game to the KKR, the Chennai Super Kings are still strong favourites to place among the top four teams in the IPL 2023 following the league stage. Even after losing to KKR, CSK is nearly assured to be in the top four.

The Gujarat Titans, who are playing their final home game of the league season on Monday against the, can clinch qualifying with a victory.

There are now 512 different ways that the IPL 2023 league stage might end with the remaining 9 matches. Right now, one team is the clear favourite to make the playoffs, two teams are almost guaranteed to make it, and a fourth team has a roughly two-thirds chance. The other teams, with the exception of SRH, are still in the running, albeit DC is now officially out of the playoffs.

Analysis of how the team stands as of 15th May morning

1) In terms of points, GT is already likely to place in one of the first three positions. They may only place as low as tied third. Their likelihood of serving as the lone leader has increased to 63.1%.Although there is only a 1.6% probability that they will finish in a tie with more than three other teams for third place, it is still theoretically feasible for them to lose out on NRR.

2) Despite their defeat on Sunday, CSK is also nearly guaranteed to place in the top four on points, with their odds of doing so individually or jointly presently standing at 94.9%.

3) MI are currently in third position, and their odds of finishing in the top four on points have increased to 89.1%, albeit that also takes into account the possibility that they would tie for fourth.

4) LSG are currently in fourth place, with an almost two-thirds chance (65.2% to be exact) of finishing in the top four. That once more covers scenarios in which they come in fourth place overall, sometimes with numerous teams.

5) RCB has risen to fifth place with Sunday’s victory, and their odds of placing in the top four have increased to 43.8%, however, this includes cases in which teams are tied for fourth place on points.

6) RR is currently in sixth place and has an 18.8% probability of finishing in the top four following Sunday’s defeat. They can only finish higher than tied fourth if they win their last game and other outcomes go their way.

7) PBKS are in eighth position, but with a game left to play, they have a higher opportunity than RR, who is ahead of them on the points table, to finish in the top four, with a 43.8% likelihood.

8) With their victory on Sunday, KKR has climbed to seventh place, but they can only place as high as tied fourth with one to five other teams. Their current chances of doing so are 21.1%.

9) The ninth-placed SRH can, like KKR, best tie for fourth position on points, with just 7% of them doing even that.

10) There is no longer any chance for DC to make the playoffs. After losing against PBKS on Saturday, they became the first team to be eliminated.

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